Complete allergen information

Breakfast sandwiches and baps Allergens
Bacon on a white bap contains Gluten
Bacon on a brown bap none
Bacon sandwich on brown none
Bacon sandwich on white none
Egg sandwich on brown none
Egg sandwich on white none
Egg bap on brown none
Egg bap on white none
Breakfast omelettes Allergens
Plain omelette none
Cheese omelette none
Cheese omelette with bacon or sausage none
Breakfast extras Allergens
Extra bacon none
Extra Sausage none
Black pudding none
Hash browns (2) none
Egg none
Mushrooms none
Beans none
Light breakfast Allergens
Wholemeal toast (2) none
White toast (2) none
Porridge none
Porridge with syrup none
Porridge with honey none
Bread Allergens
Thick sliced white contains Gluten
Thick sliced wholemeal contains Gluten
Multi seeded baguette contains Gluten
White baguette contains Gluten
Large white bap contains Gluten
Large wholemeal bap contains Gluten
Multi seeded bap contains Gluten
Wrap none
Salad Bowls Allergens
Salad Bowl none
Jacket Potato Allergens
Plain jacket none
A Fillings Allergens
Tuna mayo none
Tuna medley none
Coronation chicken none
Honey chilli duck none
Crispy bacon none
Chicken and bacon mayo none
Onion bhaji crunch none
Chilli none
B Fillings Allergens
Egg and bacon mayo none
Corned beef none
Plain chicken none
Falafel none
Salami none
Honey mustard chicken none
Pepperoni none
Chicken and sweetcorn mayo none
C Fillings Allergens
Grated cheese, spring onion and mayo none
Grated cheddar none
Brie none
Sliced emmental none
Egg mayo none
Sliced mozzarella none
Sliced gammon none
Sliced turkey breast none
Veggie dahl none
Veggie curry none
Our most popular items Allergens
Hot and Spicy Wrap none
Houmous and falafel toasted wrap none
The deli roll none
BBQ melt none
Old school toasted ham and cheese none
Salads and Sides Allergens
Lettuce none
Tomato none
Cucumber none
Sliced gerkins none
Jalapenos none
Sweetcorn none
Red onion none
Our own spicy salsa none
Sliced black olives none
Houmous none
Mildly curried lentils none
Our own coleslaw none
Beans none
Side salad none
Butter with a jacket potato none
Toasted Allergens
Toasted none
Hot drinks Allergens
Latte none
Cappucino none
Flat white none
Black Americano none
White Americano none
Espresso none
Hot Chocolate none
Large none
Skinny none
Vanilla syrup none
Caramel syrup none
Hazlenut syrup none
Sauce Allergens
Ketchup none
HP sauce none
Mayo none
Mustard none
No sauce none
Pies and pastries Allergens
Hot sausage roll none
> Cold Drinks
Diet Coke can none
Diet Coke bottle none
Coke Zero can none
Coke Zero bottle none
Coke can none
Coke bottle none
Sprite zero bottle none
Sprite bottle none
Cherry Coke can none
San Pellegrino Lemon none
San Pellegrino blood orange none
Sparkling water none
Still water none
Orange juice none
Fanta Icy Lemon can none
Tango Zero orange none
> Crisps & Choc
Walkers cheese & onion none
Walkers salt and vinegar none
Walkers ready salted none
Walkers prawn cocktail none
Doritos chilli heatwave none
Doritos tangy cheese none
Mars bar none
Snickers none
M&Ms Peanut none
Chunky KitKat none
Twix none
> Sauces and condiments
Mayo none
Cranberry sauce none
BBQ sauce none
Sweet chilli sauce none
Salad cream none
Branston pickle none
English mustard none
Dijon mjustard none
Wholegrain mustard none
French's American mustard none
Horseradish none
Hot Roquito sauce none
Heinz ketchup none
HP sauce none
Caesar dressing none
Olive oil none
Balsamic vinegar none
Balsamic salad dressing none
Salt none
Pepper none
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